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  track list:


         1. Godless Ritual Music - I    06:10                               video   

         2. Godless Ritual Music - II   05:01               


         3. Godless Ritual Music - III   04:01


         4. Godless Ritual Music - IV   03:29

         5. Godless Ritual Music - V    07:26


         6. Godless Ritual Music - VI   05:40 




Godless Ritual Music” 
(L. Strangis 2021) 


The new album by Lino Strangis entitled "Godless Ritual Music" is out for Handmade Supernova.
A tracklist of 6 pieces of experimental instrumental electronic music printed on vinyl in a limited series of 200 copies including 170 standard and 30 Deluxe copies. The musical proposal, created with a now typical approach for the musical production of Strangis, consists of a selection of fragments (by the artist) from a series of improvisation sessions performed by himself with different sets of synthesizers during the first months of the lockdown 2020. For the occasion Strangis (who, as a multifaceted artist on many occasions has personally edited his editions in every aspect) has chosen the artist Pasquale De Sensi (among other things multiple winner of the BEST ART VINYL ITALIA award) to create the cover and collaborate on the packaging design.
The concept is already clarified in the title which refers to a research that intends to find some form of "ritual use" of the musical experience but in a context free from theological speculations (which the artist defines as sacred to laicity) and above all rediscovered with instruments, sounds and aesthetic purposes that are different as they are peculiar to contemporaneity. The tracks, which lead electronic music to give up much of its usual definition to cross over into noise, combine very different influences (from the music of K. Schulze to punk, passing through veins of tribal and traditional music, Indian and Far East, the all in a mix that does not forget to remember clear rock-metal origins and then, a lot of psychedelia. 


released 2021 

Performed and produced by Lino Strangis

Mastering Filippo Torre

Artwork Pasquale De Sensi

Graphic layout: Rotofiltermetic Studio

Recorded at Strange Phenomena Studio by C.A.R.M.A.

Distributed by Handmade Supernova

Experimental video clip created by the artist for the first track of the album

Press kit:

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